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  • Do you provide lead-free PCB Assembly?


  • What do you specialize in?

    We specialize in Quickturn PCB Assembly.

  • Which type of PCBs do you expert in?

    We are specialized in producing Singe-side PCB,Double-side PCB, Multilayer PCB,Aluminium PCB,Spray Tin PCB,Immersed Gold PCB, etc.

  • What is your Lead time?

    Lead time is usually punctual here, usually 5-10 days for PCB sample, 10-15 days for mass production. For some special

    situation,we can also advise customer in advance to avoid any inexpectation or loss at customer side.

  • What is your testing policy and how you control the quality?

    For sample, usually tested by flying probe; for PCB Volume over 3 square meters, usually tested by fixture, this will be more

    faster. Due to there’s many steps to PCB production, we usually do inspection after every step.

  • What is your package?

    With Inner vacuum package and out carton.

  • PCB shipment?

    This is depend on customer, sometimes we ship through our forwarder, who is also the agency of DHL, TNT, UPS, Fedex, and so on.Our

    forwarder can provide too much better freight cost than we get directly from those express enterprise.

  • What is your produce ability?

    Our ability is average 30,000 square meters per month.

  • I only have the pcb sample, not pcb file, can you produce it for me?

    Yes, we can copy file based on your sample, this file names gerber, and production then is accorded to gerber file.

  • Can you design gerber file?

    We can design gerber file if customer can provide us schematic, schematic sample can also be provided if customer want.